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Chanel Bags Logo Home was once a domain name that was owned by an online seller of replica Chanel bags. Pursuant to a Judgment and Injunction of the U.S. District Court of the Southern District of Florida, the former owners and operators of were held liable for to offering for sale various types of replica Chanel products, and being involved with other related illegal conduct.

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Twelve replica Chanel Shopping Bags CHANEL_black_leather_bag10 were offered for sale here at Among the items offered were the replica Chanel Classic Large Shopping Bag, priced at $310.99; the replica Chanel Large Black Calfskin Shopping Bag, for the price of $314.99; the replica Chanel Logo Medium Shopping Bag for $308.99; the replica Chanel Small Pink Calfskin Shopping Bag for the price of $320.99.

Replica Chanel Shopping Bags pitched their replica Chanel Shopping Bags to ladies by carrying on excitably about how ladies want to have at least one since the bags indicated a heavy and solid statement that the buyer knows fashion, quality and workmanship. The shop noted that the shopping bags were even collected by the designers and that the CHANEL 31 Rue Cambon paper shopping bag was immortalized in calfskin for that reason.CHANEL_Black_Shopping_Tote15 The imagery proposed by the store obviously attempted to mesmerize the customer into feeling that the shopping bags were genuine CHANEL shopping bags, but were actually counterfeit products fabricated and being sold illicitly. Such fake Chanel handbags are not authenticated and do not carry the same quality and workmanship of the genuine. Low-grade inferior materials are often used in the construction of replicas and counterfeits, and furthermore it is usually unclear as to exactly what the materials being used actually are and from where they originated. Paying over $300.00 for the inferior quality found in a counterfeit shopping bag would be painfully regrettable to any buyer.

The only way that consumers can ensure that they are getting genuine CHANEL Shopping Bags is to get them directly from CHANEL or an authorized CHANEL retailer only.

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